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For the past 15 years, the founders of Trucking Advantage have worked with America’s largest trucking companies at an executive level. Now, we’re putting our experience to work assisting you—trucking companies and truck drivers alike—to achieve top-quality employment in this high-demand career field.

Trucking Executives

We provide trucking executives with all the tools they need to increase their success in hiring truck drivers. As a trusted, confidential consultant, we can:

  • Evaluate your current recruiting efforts
  • Improve your recruiting department’s efficiency
  • Handle recruiting for you
  • Customize a student curriculum to your specific needs
  • Provide you with a steady stream of drivers

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Services and Programs

Carrier Support/Consulting Services

Trucking Advantage works with a wide range of carriers throughout the country. As we develop these partnerships with these respectable carriers, we have created a database of ideas that have been both extremely successful and some that we have been able to customize according to the fleet and criteria of the carrier. Whether it is live or online safety meetings, company safety campaigns, or turnover reduction programs, Trucking Advantage has the options you have been looking for. Our consulting team has vast experience of the last three decades in trucking and transportation but specifically in training, recruiting, safety and fleet operations. Not only do we feel a carrier should have a network of driver source like CDL training and recruiting but also a partnership with that same company to build and grow the best company possible. Trucking Advantage Inc., has done that and it’s been very successful with some large and small respectable companies.

CDL Permit Training

Over the last 2 decades the demand for drivers in the trucking industry has strained each carrier. It’s no secret the trucking industry lacks the drivers needed for the demand. Trucking Advantage understood long ago the need for CDL training in the industry. We have nearly a dozen campus’ nationwide that provide CDL training and driving school. Not only do we have our own campuses but we have also become affiliated with trucking carriers that are in need for their own drivers. This has been proven to be very successful not only from the driver’s needs standpoint but the carriers turnover and safety standpoint. Trucking Advantage, Inc. is an educational company more than any Service offered. We feel it is important need to not only produce drivers for the trucking industry but to produce drivers that are safe and well trained.



Trucking Advantage Inc understands the demand for drivers in the trucking industry. With the day to day recruiting efforts of trucking companies we realize the expense and time that goes into recruiting for trucking companies. Trucking Advantage can take on some of that burden and cost for a trucking company. Trucking Advantage, Inc., has not only a database of drivers to turn to but will customize the recruiting to fit any carrier. Whether they need a CDL School, recently graduated, an experience driver, or an owner operator with one truck or multiple trucks. Trucking Advantage Inc. has the tools to help any carrier achieve goal or any individual looking to get hired with a respectable company.

Non Driver Staffing Services

Although a trucking company’s best asset is the driver, one of the largest hurdles in the industry is finding and retaining quality driver support positions. Trucking Advantage offers office and shop placement services to find your ideal employee with the experience and knowledge to perform at any desired level. Networking within the industry has provided us the opportunity to find experienced driver support applicants from mechanics to Operations Managers who are looking for a new home or just a fresh start with your company. Whatever your need is, regardless of department, we can assist to find you the perfect driver support employee.

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Jace C. Isaacson - President

Jace grew up in Farmington, Utah, where he worked for a local farm that distributed produce and grain to local venues throughout Northern Utah. Jace was hired by Dick Simon Trucking while attending college at Weber State University. Here he was a recruiter for the Western States. As a recruiter in these States, Jace gained lasting relationships with trucking schools primarily in Northern California. Shortly after getting hired as a recruiter, Jace was promoted to Manager of Recruiting at Central Refrigerated Service, Inc.. He started to build upon the importance of safe and efficient truck driver training for Central Refrigerated. Jace teamed with a major trucking school in Northern California called Truck Driving Academy (TDA) that nearly doubled the truck fleet from 1300 to 2100 in a span of 10 years. As Director of Recruiting for Central Refrigerated Service, Inc., he continued to build and grow the same programs throughout the country with TDA. He served as a member of the Board at Central Refrigerated Service, Inc. and was with Central for over 15 years. Jace understands the importance of not only recruiting more drivers for an industry that lacks the driver population needed but also the importance of recruiting and training a driver that has been trained correctly and comes away from training to be safe and efficient to continue in that career. Jace enjoys fly fishing, outdoors, college football and basketball and spending time with his family. Currently resides in Utah.

Cole D. Isaacson - Vice President

In 2004, Cole entered into the trucking industry working as a contractor for a tractor detailing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  After working closely with the management team at Central Refrigerated Service, Inc. he was offered a position to work in the Safety Department as a log auditor. From here, he was quickly promoted to the Safety and Compliance Manager position.  In 2007, Cole accepted a position in Atlanta, Georgia, as the Terminal Manager where he remained until 2014 when he joined TDA Driver Service, Inc. and Trucking Advantage, Inc.  With over 10 years of trucking and transportation experience, Cole brings the knowledge and work ethic to expand and perfect all lines of business.  Cole resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area with his wife, Carly.

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