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CDL Training

At Trucking Advantage, we don’t try to fit everyone into the same mold. We understand that your individual circumstances, environment, finance, and family all play a role into what you’re looking for. So by partnering with trucking companies, we’re able to give you the most options when getting your CDL training.

Our curriculum is designed to fully prepare you for entry-level employment in the trucking field. Through hands-on experience, you’ll have the opportunity to perfect your practical skills—enabling you to quickly advance in your trucking career.

Permit Classes

  • One-week course
  • Classroom setting for getting a Class A CDL permit
  • Preparation for getting your hard copy CDL and necessary training
  • Takes place at a facility in your domiciled state or neighboring state
  • Upon completion, you move on to a trucking company’s facility for your training

Give us a call today at 801-556-1549 and we’ll get your application process started right away.

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